Friday, May 8, 2009

White Trash

On Wednesday David and I planned to meet for dinner with Connor. I was on my way from the gym, he from work. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I discovered that Connor had not only pooped, but that it was a blowout. I called David and begged him to pick up a pair of Connor's shorts 0n the way there. I was supposed to go in and order for all of us, since he was running a little late. So, I change fussy Connor's diaper in the back of the car and get him all cleaned up.

We first go into the restaurant bathroom. While I'm washing my hands, my only-diaper-wearing-with-shoes toddler starts looking under stalls at the women using the bathroom. I apologize through door and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Next, I got to parade only-diaper-Connor up to the counter to order food. I feel compelled to tell the waitress why my child is in just a diaper. She gives and uninterested laugh and we place our order. Connor is now walking to our table in only his diaper, where we get many looks that clearly state "oh, look, a little white trash baby and his mom."

FINALLY, David arrived with the shorts and we could enjoy our meal. The next time I see little white trash babies, I will not be judging.


Karen said...

I'm sooo sorry! I have a hard time getting pants on Brandt in general, so half the time we leave the house in just a diaper & a shirt and I'll put pants on him in the car when we get to where we're going. But a blowout is horrible!! At least you got some fresh pants :)

bayouvoodoo said...

haha that is pretty funny! I love the term 'blowout'!

rae dunn. said...

SO FUNNY !!!!!!!!