Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get ready for dizzy

Tomorrow I'm starting a 2 day fast and cleanse. I try to do this ritual every year when I'm not pregnant or nursing. For me, it's a spiritual/mental thing. No one is really going to lose much weight in two days, so it's not for weight loss. Almost every major religion in the world has periods of fasting, some longer than others. I like to use this time to think about how lucky I am to have access to quality food, and to think about how many people have this feeling of hunger OFTEN, and not by choice.

It's also a great time for me to kick my caffeine addiction. After it's over, I'll probably go back to one cup of half-caff in the mornings. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay on this "doseage" so that it won't be difficult if I want to get pregnant again.

I've been eating mainly fruits and veggies for a couple of days, and tomorrow I'll start drinking the Master Cleanse "lemonade" and decaf herbal teas. Then, on Saturday, I'll eat only fruits and veggies and ease back into my regular diet on Sunday. I've never done this before with a child, so we'll see how my energy holds up!

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Karen said...

Wow, you're going full force this weekend ... fasting & cleansing mixed with taking away Connor's pacifiers!! You are brave ... GOOD LUCK :)