Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three Years

Today I have been married for three years. People always say to me, "Doesn't it seem like time just flies by?" I do not have this chronological perception. Between the pregnancy from hell and the first miserable six months of Connor's life, it actually seems more like we've been married for many more years than we have.

We are actually celebrating our anniversary this Saturday by going out to dinner at the Arizona Inn. This is good, seeing as I have not even gotten David a card yet. I've been so caught up with work, I sort of forgot about our anniversary. Oops! I did, however, make Anniversary Brownies From A Box this morning, which we shall enjoy tonight.

I am looking forward to looking through our wedding album together tonight. We do this every year and smile remembering how wonderful our wedding day was.


Karen said...

I'm sorry I consumed some of your Anniversary Brownies ... I didn't know they were special for today :)

Congrats on three years!

The Willinghams said...

Happy anniversary! What a great way to remember your wedding day!

Clay Mama said...

I wanted to share the anniversary brownies!