Friday, May 22, 2009

Fasting: revised

Well, I did pretty well with my fast yesterday. It's a different experience than before I had kids. A) One cannot relax and make it more of a "spiritual" and physical cleanse. Connor wants to GOGOGO just like always. B) I didn't realize that I'd have to be preparing food for a toddler all day long. When I used to fast I used to take that time to do other things and avoided food during that period. Not so much this time.

Still, it went well yesterday, considering. David caved at dinner time! I was pleased that there was no caffeine withdrawl headache this time. I did wake up with a nasty hunger headache this morning, so I decided to eat a banana. I think I'll do fruit and veggies only today. Maybe when my kid is older I'll go back to the longer fasting. It did serve it's purpose in making me think about things I never think about, and I do feel cleansed.

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Karen said...

I commend you for doing this ... I've never done any kind of fasting and I think it will be something I'd like to try after I'm done hosting a parasite and then making milk for it ... so I'm guessing sometime in early 2011. Crap that's a long time.