Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Change in plans

Today I was supposed to spend the morning working in my studio, but my babysitter called at the last minute saying that her son was sick. So it goes when your help has kids. Connor just about broke me yesterday afternoon with his whiny, leg-grabbing self, so I knew we needed to get out of the house. We set out for the park in the stroller, and it couldn't have been more beautiful out. It's been hot here lately, even for Tucson. But, today was overcast and cool (70 or so). We got to the park and we were the only ones at the playground for a very long time. What is wrong with Tucsonans? When it's sunny and hot, everyone complains about the heat. Then, when a cloud enters the sky and it's finally cooler, they hide inside in case it rains. Really, people?! Are you going to melt?! It did start to drizzle at the park while we were there, but we stayed until the playground equipment started to get slippery. It was beautiful and fun. I love summer rain! Sometimes the simplest days turn out to be the most fun.

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