Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not so good

So, it's turning out I'm not so good at this regular blogging stuff! I think it will be better when D gets his laptop for his business. Then I can steal it and blog while I'm supposed to be watching Connor (Mom of the Year).


My friend Judith and I have been accepted as vendors to the Big Brothers Big Sisters 19th annual art fair for October. I'm trying to work as much as possible and build up inventory for this 3 day event. It's over Halloween, so I think that means that I'm going to miss Connor Trick or Treating, which is really sad. I'm hoping David will bring him by in his costume to see Mommy.

Connor has been really fun lately. 23 months is a great age. He's talking so much. The White Trash splash pool is a favorite activity, which he does naked, of course. I love sitting out in the warmth and watching him loving the water. I so wish we had a pool!

I've been reminded of a summer pet peeve of mine: Over air-conditioned stores and restaurants in the summer. Why is this necessary?! I don't understand why my body must endure such temperature extremes. It seems bad for economics and the environment.

I'm going to NYC in 3 weeks with my best friends. I can't wait!!!


Karen said...

I think we will convert Brandt's sandbox to a pool after we clean the cat poop out. So gross, it nauseates me just to think of it. Luckily Joe gets that job :)

You can come into Hallmark anytime you'd like. The owners are keeping the a/c no lower than 80 to save money, but the thermostat goes up to 82 before it kicks on. We have a little fan behind the registers. But I know what you mean about stores being frigid. It's stupid to be sweating in a tank top and shorts only to need a sweater when you go indoors.

That is such exciting news to be a vendor at the art fair! I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and let me know if I can watch Connor so you can get more work done. Unfortunately I have a prior engagement with sleep deprivation and a newborn, so I will be unable to attend the art fair.

The Willinghams said...

lol at the white trash splash pool! I'm no good at updating our blog either... there just isn't a whole lot going on with us that is note worthy.